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September 2017:
Ron is now 25 years old, a high-school graduate and working part-time at Tim Horton's here in Mississauga. Now under his Mom's 24/7 daily supervision, he maintains his networking with the Filipino-Canadian Parents Support Group, his weekly volunteer piano entertainment at the Seniors Home (VIVA), Special Olympic bowling challenge with his old high-school team, his piano lessons and for the past 2 years now, weekly Tae Kwon Do in which he has his Orange Belt. He has started to prepare for his 4th piano concert planned for next year. Today he admits his medication helps keep his 'brain not very busy' and he says he now knows 'how to control his tantrums which he now calls 'meltdowns'. 'I am an adult now. No more baby tantrums'.

When we were told there's something wrong with Ron at age 3, we went through a period of shock, denial and grief. Everyday, we watch him developing, growing and we see a beautiful personality in him. Now, we know our son is God's gift to us; different, but special. We are blessed and we are thankful.

While there is (and will always be) the darker and more 'difficult' part in Ron's life, we are carefully and intentionally sharing the positive and optimistic side in the presentation of this website. Ron, himself, is a 'captive' audience of this website. Our main goal is to make this website as personally & behaviorally therapeutic in his adulthood.

Every night in our prayers, we thank God for each and every member of our family (Quesada-Carolino-Adea), our very loyal and supportive friends in the Paetenians International Inc-Chapters all over the world, our Autism support group FCAPSG and our esteemed professionals in our Filipino community in the General Toronto Area for their sincere and personal interest and whose never-ending support and backing inspire us with no end to faithfully pursue our autistic journey with Ron and in his Canadian and Filipino autism advocacy.

Ron, Lucy and I will forever be grateful to our major sources of wisdom and assistance -to Kerry's Place in Mississauga, the Geneva Centre for Autism, the Peel Region Autism Ontario and last but not least Ron's wonderful teachers at the St. Joan of Ark Catholic Secondary School on Thomas Street in Mississauga (Winston Churchill Meadow branch). Updated December 2016

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Ron with his Dad
THE AUTISTS News Report and Interview:
 The Geneva Center for Autism Fundraising Gala

Autistic teen set to perform- from the news

[No limits. Ron Adea, shown with his Dad, performs May 17 at Toronto’s Koerner Hall in an event to benefit autism programs. Supplied photo]

Mississauga’s Ron Adea is an 18-year-old budding concert pianist preparing for the biggest night of his life. Adea will perform at The Autists Gala and Art Auction on May 17 at Toronto’s Koerner Hall.

“It’s a big hall ... I’m so happy to be playing there,” he said, when shown a picture of the venue.

What’s especially impressive about Adea is that he's autistic. Though he has difficulty with learning, social interaction and communicating, he’s proving that autism is no barrier to letting his prodigious talent shine. Adea started piano as part of music therapy aimed at helping him overcome difficulties with autism. Along the way, he developed into an accomplished pianist.

“Ron’s performances capture the richness, passion, complexity and nuance of Chopin, Beethoven and Debussy in a manner that is both inspiring and moving,” said John Alcorn, music director of The Autists and 2009 National Jazz Award winner.

In addition to other artists with autism joining Adea, notable performers at the gala include Gemini Award nominee Shawn Byfield and Vito Rezza, leader of the Juno Award-nominated jazz ensemble 5 After 4.
The key event at The Autists is a live art auction curated by acclaimed contemporary Canadian artist and member of the Order of Canada, Charles Pachter.

Proceeds from the event will support Geneva Centre for Autism and its programs that benefit more than 4,000 children and youth with autism.

“The goal of everyone working in the autism field is to see individuals with autism be independent and able to fully participate in their communities,” said Margaret Whelan, executive director of Geneva Centre for Autism. “Apart from raising much-needed funds, The Autists provides an opportunity for individuals with autism to reveal their talents.”
For more information and tickets, visit

Here's is the news video clip of Ron's appearance at Geneva Center for Autism 2011 Gala.
Ron when interviewed by the newsman, he responded:
" I feel good when I practice the piano everyday. I feel happy and relaxed."

The young lady at the opening of the clip is a jazz singer who also has autism and has a university degree in music.  [from ZNew of ZoomerMedia, Toronto]

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If the video does not work on your browser, here is the link to the YouTube broadcast:

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with Papa

Ron&Papa 2007

First communion

Papa, Mama, Ron2008

Guested at Kerry'sPlace


QC family DadaLee's bed

Adea Family

Lola & Lolo Adea

and Ron

Tito Avery &

Tita Beth from L.A.

cousins Gino, Michele

form LA

TitoSanta; Leo Adea

Adea family

ADEAs: Tito Leo,

Lolo, Lola, Mama

Papa, TitoLeo

at airport


Kids at Niagara




The Falls



at Niagara





With Papa at


New YorkCity

at Caesar's Palace

Las Vegas



with my teacher


with teacher


Las Vegas




best freinds:


Ninong Manny,

Ninang Jasmine

TitoDoods, Tita Violy

Battery Park

Tita Isa, Tita Nena

Tita Candy de Leon


we are all Santas

TitoRey and

the Yoyo

cousin Cheenee


with cousins



Ron at home




My 1st Solo Concert


You Are Special


May 2010



Gala Ambassador

2011 Poster Boy

The Autists Gala

May 17, 2011


(News Release, Winter 2004)
AGM & Workshop a Big Success "Living With Autism"

Our Annual General Meeting and workshop were held on November 22, 2003 at the Columbus Centre in Toronto and were attended by approximately 80 family members, individuals we support, community partners and staff.

The interactive workshop, facilitated by Bill Allerton of Accreditation Ontario and Orville Endicott of Community Living Ontario, dealt with the challenge of balancing rights, risks and responsibilities. Many attendees completed a questionnaire following the workshop noting that they found the presentation to be very valuable and would be interested in attending more workshops on such topics as Person Centred Planning, Support Circles, Employment Supports, Recreational Opportunities, and Life Planning.

KPAS is currently developing a workshop on Support Circles and will forward more information once details have been finalized. Check our website in the near future at for the time and place!

Following the workshop and lunch Robert Hart, Chair of the KPAS Board, presided over the Annual General Meeting. Reports were given by Don Laughton, Interim Director of Finance, Glenn Rampton, Executive Director and Bob Hart. Roland Beauregard, Debora Manni and Arthur Fleischmann were elected to the board while three board members stepped down. Bob thanked Lola Gorrill, Monty Hyde and Michael Cascone for their dedication and support to Kerry’s Place Autism Services during their respective years of service. They will be missed!

At the end of the meeting, Ron Adea, an extremely gifted 11 year old gentleman, gave a wonderful piano recital that truly amazed the audience. Ron is involved with the Filipino Canadian Parent Support Group choir whose members are children with ASD and their siblings. Thank you Ron for a memorable performance!.

Pictured above are Lucy Adea,
Glenn Rampton, Ron Adea
and Bob Hart.

Specialists to Consult:

Myths about Autism
Not true:
1.Individuals with autism never make eye contact; they do not look at you.
2. Autism is a mental illness.
3. Progress means a person doesn't have autism.
4. Individuals with autism don't speak.
5. Autism can be outgrown.
6. Individuals with autism can't learn.
7. Underneath all the difficult behaviors is a normal person.
8. Individuals with autism cannot show affection and do not respond to physical affection.
9. Individuals with autism do not want friends.
10. Individuals with autism do not relate to peers/adults.
11. Individuals with autism are very manipulative.
12. Individuals with autism could talk if they wanted to.
13. Individuals with autism can't smile.
14. Individuals with autism don't notice others and don't pick up cues from adults.
15. When a person with autism does not respond to a question/direction to which he has
shown a previous correct response, he is being stubborn/non-compliant/obnoxious.
This article appears courtesy of the Autism Society of America.

Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew:
1. I am first and foremost a child. I have autism.
My sensory perceptions are disordered.
3.Pls.remember to distinguish between won't (I choose not to) & can't.  (I am not able to).
4. I'm a concrete thinker.
5. Please be patient with my limited  vocabulary. 
6. For me language is so difficult for me. I am very visually oriented.
7. Please focus & build on what I can do rather than what I can't do.
8. Please help me w/ social interactions.
9. Try to identify what triggers my meltdowns.
10. Love me unconditionally.
And finally, 3 words: Patience. Patience. Patience.
PARENTING website By E. Notbohm


 Group Bonding
Weekend in Niagara Falls

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